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Latest version V11.0.0.610
The size is 49 MB
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It is known that Huawei phones have become more famous and popular around the world now and millions are using them because of their quality and efficiency that made them competitors to major other well-known companies and today we offer you to download the HiSuite program for the computer, that program that allows users of Huawei phones to manage their devices, whether it is a computer or A phone or tablet, where they can easily transfer and modify files, and they can also back up and save those files.

Download HiSuite for PC with a direct link
HiSuite for PC is a program that helps you a lot in managing all the files that you have stored on your phone from Huawei, thanks to its simple interface that is divided according to color and file type, you will not encounter any problems to find any files you are looking for.
You will also find on the program all the files and applications that are stored on your phone in addition to the application automatically, which enables you to obtain the latest information about the remaining space of your Android phone’s memory, along with the amount of memory consumed.
The program also comes with a lot of capabilities that support the phone and improve its operating system. You will also find programs on it that you can connect your phone to any device running Windows, in addition to many wonderful features and amazing features that we will present to you in this article. Now download the program from your site. Distinguished is always Direct Up through a direct link.

Explanation of the HiSuite program for the computer
HiSuite by Android Device Manager provides you with a desktop control center to easily manage data, applications, and perform backups and updates in just a few simple steps.

HiSuite by Android Device Manager allows you to easily manage your contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, and more from your Windows PC.

The program for synchronizing and identifying the mobile phone on the computer. We need a lot to transfer files and information to and from our Android phone. We connect the device through a USB connection.

But we need the mobile identification program on the computer from the official company in order to be recognized and to control the management of the phone and applications and transfer some information such as notes, contacts, and others …

You can make a backup copy of your entire phone and you can restore it on the phone at any time if a malfunction or problem occurs in your Huawei phone, or you reset the factory, or the phone memory was formatted by mistake.

Millions of people around the world are using Huawei devices at this time, as they are considered one of the most popular devices among Android users, and the reason for this is due to the price enjoyed by Huawei phones, as their price is within everyone’s reach and is considered in the middle price category.

For more luxury and to provide more convenience to users, Huawei has launched the HiSuite APK program, that program through which you will be able to manage everything related to your mobile phone through the laptop or through the computer, where through that program you can transfer and send any private files You or any photo or video from your phone to your computer and vice versa easily.

You can also take a backup copy of any of your files to ensure your files, even if you lose your own phone, you will be able to connect the phone to the computer, and through this program you will be able to manage the phone and copy files, photos and videos, and you can restore them at any time.

You can also transfer and add anything you see from the phone to the computer and vice versa, and through the program you can make software or update the operating system of the phone, as in the event that anything happens to the phone such as viruses or any malfunction, you will be able to reset the phone as it came from company.

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The program provides a lot of tools that help you manage music files, read and send SMS messages directly through the computer's desktop, and work on installing or uninstalling APK-type applications from your device.
Advantages of downloading HiSuite for PC
Downloading HiSuite for Windows PC has many great features and amazing features that we are going to present to you in detail:-

HiSuite is characterized by the fact that you can keep a copy of all the contents of your phone, including files, photos, or videos.
The program is characterized by being compatible with any type of Huawei device for any user.
You can control all the files on your phone through your computer.
You can update your operating system through this wonderful program.
The program has a synchronization feature, through which the phone can synchronize with the computer to automatically copy any files on the phone.
The program is characterized by an easy and simple interface that makes any user deal with the program with ease.
The program supports many operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista.
You can easily update and update programs through the program.
The program is characterized by its small size and does not consume the storage capacity of the computer.
The program is also characterized by being completely free and does not require fees or costs for download or use.
The program can easily modify the audio clips and their characteristics.
  The program notifies the user of any update in the operating system issued by the developer company.
  The program supports many Arabic, English, French and other languages.
Additional HiSuite features:
Easy to view, install, and uninstall apps.
With one click you can update the application.
Back up important data on your phone, such as contacts, messages, apps, photos, videos, songs, call logs, etc.
emails, agendas, to a computer.
Easily restore your backup data.
Add, delete and edit contacts.
Export and import contacts.
Manage contacts in groups.
Multiple modes to review images.
Take screenshots on your device directly from your computer.
Find, download, and install updates for the new comfort system.
High Sweet updates, which are launched regularly.
Receive, send, or manage messages from your computer.
Export messages from your phone to your computer.
Send a message to multiple recipients.
Multiple modes of video review.
Import/export video.

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